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A group thank you card

How to Choose the Perfect Greeting Card

All our cards may be signed by many people. Additionally our eCards are in glorious rich PDF (which means they can be viewed offline unlike other eCard sites). Try it today - you'll make someone's day!
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  • Choose a Greeting Card that allows MANY PEOPLE to send their good wishes (friends, family and/or work-mates)
  • Choose something that's a little different, and which can also be given as an eCard (great for sending at the last moment in case you forgot - oops!)
  • We have lots of unique Greeting Cards - perhaps one of these cards would suit you?

Make Someone's Day

An example card showing a cat and the words 'A little birdie told my you're leaving...'
1 Pick a card
Choose one of our lovely designs for leaving cards, birthdays, and more
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2 Add your message
Tell us who the card is for and add your personal message
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3 Everyone signs
Email a card link to workmates so they can easily add a message
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4 Make someone's day
Send a beautiful eCard by email or high quality printed card by post

Customer Reviews

  • I recently used this site to set up an online retirement card that hundreds of people could sign. The whole process has been very smooth and easy, the printed cards looks fantastic and well-presented, and they've enabled me to gather hundreds of signatures which I wasn't sure would be possible. I've ended up with a number of beautiful printed cards, together holding 600+ signatures. Their customer service is quick and helpful and I'd recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

    H Berwick
    Score: 5/5
  • So easy to use, I love the way each message has it's own 'handwriting'. Such a simple way to send good wishes

    Nicky B.
    Score: 4.5/5
  • What a great idea! We were able to sign a card digitally and have it printed off to say goodbye. People who lived away were able to sign which made the card even more special for the recipient. I liked that the writing was made to look like handwriting and that different styles were used - it made it look handwritten. I will be back!

    Score: 4/5