Beautiful Collaborative Leaving Cards

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A leaving card showing a red bird saying Sorry you are leaving

How to Choose the Perfect Leaving Card

Your boss, colleague or work-mate is about to leave - let them know that you care with one of our special leaving cards.
An illustration of a happy lady
  • Choose a card that will let EVERYONE sign - the person leaving may have worked for many years, so there may be lots of people who want to send their best wishes.
  • Can ex-staff or colleagues who have moved on to other companies sign this card too?
  • We have lots of unique Leaving cards - perhaps one of these cards would suit you?

Make Someone's Day

An example card showing a cat and the words 'A little birdie told my you're leaving...'
1 Pick a card
Choose one of our lovely designs for leaving cards, birthdays, and more
A happy person having added their message to a card
2 Add your message
Tell us who the card is for and add your personal message
A team of people and an example card showing their signatures
3 Everyone signs
Email a card link to workmates so they can easily add a message
A happy person having received their card signed by her colleagues
4 Make someone's day
Send a beautiful eCard by email or high quality printed card by post

Customer Reviews

  • A brilliant idea, perfect for remote/home working. We were able to share a link and get a team of 20+ people to sign a personal message on a colleague's leaving card and have it printed and sent to the person.

    Anna N.
    Score: 5/5
  • So easy to use, I love the way each message has it's own 'handwriting'. Such a simple way to send good wishes

    Nicky B.
    Score: 4.5/5
  • Super easy site to use - for ordering and for colleagues to 'click and sign'.

    Katrina W.
    Score: 4/5